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FAQ Frequently Ask Questions

There are several ways to place an order for transportation:

1) By calling us at (+632) 218-4091 / (+632) 851 - 9073 & 74 / (+632) 478 - 8461 and speaking with your Dealer Sales Representative.

2) Chat in our facebook page at CaPex - Cargo Padala Express

3) Experience our live chat that you can find at the lower right corner of this website. When it is offline, Your inquiry will be convert as email and will send to all CaPEx Sales Department.

4) Sending an e-mail to

For mobile users you download CaPEx Mobile Application. Just click if you are Android or IOS. And take note. CaPEx mobile application can track your cargo with or without connection. For Tutorial click here!

You can also track your cargo in our website. Just hit the Track on the navigation bar.

These are the main requirements of your cargo?

  • Dimension - Getting the length, width and height of your cargo in centimeters(LxWxH). For round cargoes, get the height and diameter
  • Quantity - The number of your boxes.
  • Commodity - It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum/crude oil, grain, coal, or gravel.
  • Declared Value - serve as the basis for computing freight charges, and for limiting the carrier's liability for damage, loss, or delay.
CaPEx Airfreight service takes 1-3 day of our best effort.
CaPEx Seafreight lead time is 7-14 days. And its cheaper than airfreight.

Shipper must first have the following facts:

  • Actual weight of shipment in kilograms
  • Length, width and height of shipment in centimeters

We compare the actual weight of 4 kg and volume weight of 6 kg.

For this shipment, we will use 6 kg as basis for pricing. We follow whichever is higher between the actual weight and volume weight. The chosen higher weight of 6 kg is known as the chargeable weight.

Yes we do, but always in the presence of the shipper.

The following products are not allowed by Cargo Padala Express to be shipped:

  • Any substance prohibited by Philippine law (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Flammable materials (not allowed in Airfreight)
  • Money in any currency (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Jewelries (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Pressurized aerosoles (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Firearms (or any item resembling it) (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Radioactive substances (not allowed in Airfreight)
  • Live animals (not allowed in Airfreight and Seafreight)
  • Batteries (not allowed in Airfreight)
No worries at all. The Cargo Padala Express pick up couriers always carry with them measuring tape and portable weighing scale to compute for your shipment’s chargeable weight.