Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Corporation (CaPEx):
An ISO-certified logistics company in the Philippines

We are a logistics company in the Philippines driven to provide our clientele with no less than excellent customer care and experience!

The Cargo Padala Express Story

Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Corporation or CaPEx, is the realization of a dream of an innovative young entrepreneur of a world-class freight forwarding company.

CaPEx was established on May 4, 2011 and is now a fast-growing logistics and freight forwarding company.

We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and have legally secured government permits. CaPEx is also fully authorized to operate as a cargo freight forwarder by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) for its airfreight as well as the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau (PSB) for its sea freight business transactions.

CaPEx offers freight services nationwide through its offices in various provinces.

CaPEx, through its leaders, ensure that the company is footed on this foundational principle: TO PROVIDE OUR CLIENTELE WITH NO LESS THAN EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE AND EXPERIENCE!

This is the thrust of our tagline: We Create Connections!

A landscape image of CaPEx's head office

The Cargo Padala Express Vision

By 2025, CaPEx is an industry leader, a fully digital logistics platform company with global presence providing relational service for every customer.


Technology & Digital Platforms

We are a technology-driven organization offering total logistics solutions.


We streamline processes to achieve higher efficiencies for better services.


We put premium on developing people for meaningful engagement.

Social Impact

We provide programs that contribute to socio-economic and political progress.


We ensure environmental sustainability by conducting business responsibly.

Market Share

We deliver optimum customer experience through exceptional client management.


We drive for higher profitability and growth for robust financial position.

CaPEx's Team's Core Values

Customer Obsessed







A group photo of CaPEx's outstanding employees with their recognition certificates

CaPEx parades a competent core and roster of people who are not only skilled, but also seasoned with experience in the freight forwarding industry. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract competent individuals to work with our company, like our front liners who are essential to our business and our success.

With each and everyone’s valuable contributions to continuously improve our services and grow the business, our people have now become one of the company’s most valuable assets. That is why, in return, the company continuously works to provide our employees a safe environment to work in.