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A cargo vessel transporting various goods across the world

The Uncharted Benefits of Sea Freight for Businesses

Shipping cargo by sea/ocean has one of the longest standing modes of transporting goods around the world. That’s because sea freight has numerous benefits that cannot be replicated by other modes of cargo transportation. In this article, we’ll show you the five benefits of using sea cargo for your business.

Sea freight: The ultimate enabler of global trade

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight or sea cargo, is the process of transporting goods across the oceans and seas. This is done by loading container vans on a giant shipping vessel so it can travel across bodies of water and reach its destination. This mode of cargo transportation is commonly used for large shipments that need to be sent across islands or countries. 

In an increasingly globalized world, sea freight is pivotal in facilitating international trade. 

For example, imagine a European mattress manufacturer can export thousands of beds in one shipment to their distributors across Asia. This makes it easier for businesses to operate globally without the need to establish a manufacturing plant in every country they operate in. 

The business benefits of using sea freight

A cargo vessel traveling the sea to deliver a huge shipment across the world.

Save on costs when shipping products over long distances. 

Cost-effectiveness is one of the key benefits of using sea freight. This is because, in terms of price-to-weight ratio, sea freight is cheaper than air freight. And when it comes to the cost-to-distance ratio for long distances, sea freight is cheaper than land freight. That’s why when businesses need to ship large volumes of goods or heavy items over long distances, sea freight is often the most economical option. 

This is due to the vast capacity of cargo ships, which enables them to carry immense loads simultaneously. To better illustrate this, imagine if there are 200 companies in your country who need to send products to another country. You can load all your cargo in one ship and share the costs. This cost-sharing feature of cargo ships saves you more on shipping costs. 

Reach customers all over the world 

Sea freight offers unparalleled access to markets across the globe. With major ports in practically every country bordering an ocean or sea, businesses can reach more customers and suppliers. This makes it easier for businesses to become a global brand. 

And in the age of digital marketing and e-commerce, consumers are more comfortable with purchasing products from brands all over the world. Hence, having the capability to distribute your products worldwide without investing heavily in infrastructure is a growth hack for your business. 

Sea freight is safer for the environment

Compared to other modes of transport like air and road freight, sea freight has a lower environmental impact. This is because it emits fewer greenhouse gasses per ton of cargo transported per kilometer. 

For comparison, trains emit 1.6x greenhouse gas per ton; tucks emit 10x more greenhouse gas per ton, while planes emit 47x more greenhouse gas per ton. 

This makes sea freight a more sustainable choice for businesses mindful of their carbon footprint.

Container vans of various sizes containing different types of products.

Cargo vessels can accommodate more types of products and cargo

Sea cargo is a highly versatile form of transportation since it can handle a wide variety of goods.  From dry bulk like grains and coal to liquids such as oil and chemicals to oversized loads like machinery and vehicles. 

This versatility makes sea freight an attractive option for many different types of businesses, especially those whose products can’t be accommodated by planes or trains. 

Cargo safety and security for your products

Modern cargo ships are equipped with advanced security measures. They have sophisticated tracking systems to secure containers. This reduces the risk of theft and damage, providing peace of mind for businesses shipping valuable or sensitive goods. Some shipping vessels also employ the help of security services to keep valuable goods safe. 

The downside of transporting cargo by sea

Although sea freight is cost-efficient, environmentally, and versatile, it’s not a perfect transportation method. Like every other mode of transport, it has its downsides. The biggest one is the time aspect of sea cargo. 

Since ships travel a lot slower than planes, it usually takes sea cargo a couple of weeks to arrive at its destination – especially if it’s international. Aside from the speed of ships, cargo vessels also tend to dock at various ports. Moreover, cargo vessels and sea cargo are more susceptible to weather challenges. 

This is why it’s important to plan around these factors when sending your products by sea. 

A container ship delivering the products of CaPEx's logistics clients.

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