The freight forwarding industry provides many opportunities for individuals who want to venture into careers related to logistics and beyond. CaPEx, as part of that industry, strives not just to provide opportunities, but we also want to ensure that we provide you with premium training and worthwhile experiences while you are with us.

The support & appreciation that CaPEx provides to its employees goes beyond the usual limit. We value each team member, from the smallest gestures of giving a birthday cake to a celebrating employee to recognizing their work accomplishments during monthly general meetings.

Over the years, CaPEx has continued to show appreciation to our long-time employees when they reach a particular milestone with the company. We believe that for those employees who showed great loyalty to our company, kind words will never be enough to express our gratitude, which is why we provide tokens as well, apart from what they will receive as tenured employees.

Company Teambuilding
Company Teambuilding
Company Teambuilding

As job seekers, we recommend you find a company that does not just provide you with a generous & competitive salary but finds a company that will provide a premium experience that is worth staying for. We want you to envision yourself lasting for a long time because you love what you do and set yourself to more significant opportunities 5 or 10 years from now.

Careers at CaPEx is an excellent opportunity to start a worthy career or to find a job worth settling for. We have numerous seats waiting for you to fill in and settle down.

Join our team today! Please see the list of vacant positions as follows. You can also visit our LinkedIn page to see the list or send your CV to