Door-to-Door Delivery Services by CaPEx

Nowadays, we are able to transport various goods and packages from one place to another in a matter of seconds. Despite all the vehicles and machinery to aid us in the transport process, manual labor is still needed from your end to accomplish it such as going to delivery centers to either bring or retrieve packages for pick-up or delivery.

Either you are someone who wants to send a package to someone from the other side of the world or you are a business owner who would like to send your products to a customer, going to these delivery centers can be quite a hassle.

As a busy individual dealing with the hustle and bustle of life, not to mention the money you have to spend on gas or public transportation; is it still worth your time and effort going back and forth from these delivery centers?

As the generation who thrives on convenience, transport and delivery services keep on evolving to meet the demands and standards of the consumers. What if a courier from a logistics company would knock on your door to retrieve your package and have it delivered straight on the doorstep of your consignee in real time? Sounds very convenient, right? In logistics terms, we call it Door-to-Door Services.

Luckily, we, at Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp. (CaPEx) offer these door-to-door services. Not only will you and your customer save time and effort, you’ll also save money on sending and picking up your packages because these services completely have no hidden charges!

Nationwide Delivery

We offer to deliver your packages door-to-door going to and from all parts of the country. We have offices in key cities of the NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao but you don’t have to proceed to these offices because we can pick-up your packages and cargo from your doorstep and have them delivered to where they need to be.

Finest Fleet

To handle your packages with the utmost care, CaPEx has the following vehicles to carry your packages, maintain their quality, and meet your expectations of the best quality door-to-door service:

Cargo Tracking

You don’t need to worry about the current location of your packages for we have the cargo-tracking feature on our website! Through this, you will be able to monitor where your cargos are and whether they will be received by your customers in real-time. This is convenience at your fingertips!

Door-to-Door Booking and Requirements

With CaPEx, availing our logistic services such as door-to-door services can be accomplished in a variety of methods, whichever our client is convenient with. You may call our hotline, book through our website or email us with the details of the requirements. Afterwards, we will personally pick up your cargos from their current destination.

For us to effectively facilitate the booking, pick-up, and delivery of the cargo, provide us the following basic information:

  • Origin and destination of the cargo

  • Cargo details namely; quantity, dimensions, and weight

  • Sender and recipient’s name, address, and contact number

  • Chosen payment and shipment mode

Why Choose CaPEx to cater to your Door-to-door services?

As a one-stop-shop logistics company, not only do we offer convenience by allowing you to access our services through our website, we are also dedicated to delivering your packages in the quickest way we can because of our top flight carriers and shipping lines partner! Our partners have regular departures which ensure on-time delivery of your cargos from Metro Manila to Visayas and Mindanao and then vice versa.

Your packages and goods are in safe hands for it will not only be handled by our competent and well-experienced set of people who already have extensive experience in the freight forwarding industry but also will be delivered through our top-of-the-line vans, trucks, and other transport vehicles.

To cater to your convenient shipping needs and demands, in CaPEx you can trust. We drive your business!