CaPEx Corporate Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

WE GIVE BACK. CaPEx has always been about creating connections. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we always find ways to bridge communities — whether to essential needs, basic services, the government, or even simply — to one another. Teaming up with foundations and other companies, CaPEx makes sure that we reach out and effectuate this mission. These are some of our CSR programs that we have worked together on since 2011.

Employee Recognition

FAST. SAFE. SECURE. To deliver happiness to you, our clients, every CaPEx employee lives by these words. From our front liners to our back-end support, we make sure you receive your cargo just like how you entrusted it us — and on time. This is our promise to you. And to show our appreciation to each employee who made sure we fulfill our commitment, we also made sure that we reward them for their dedication.