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Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp. (CaPEx) can support the freight requirements of clients with our complete line of logistics services. We have all the options to move your cargo to and from any part of the world. We have the competency required by legal authorities such as the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) as well as the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau (PSB) to operate as a Domestic and International Freight Forwarder in all modes of cargo movement: air, land and sea.


Airfreight is the mode of shipment where cargoes are sent via air through the use of aircraft. This type of shipment is advisable for goods that are time sensitive or those that need to reach its destination within a short period of time.

Aside from the skilled and dedicated team to help you with your requirements, CaPEx is partnering with the top carriers to give our clients secured spaces, frequent departures and of course, competitive rates — that is in short, the best quality of service.

For your urgent shipping needs, never think twice, choose CaPEx. We drive your business!

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a mode of transporting cargoes via sea or through the use of a ship and the like. In this type of movement, cargoes are loaded into container vans and shipped via sea. The usual cargo for sea freight are items of large size and quantity.

This is the commonly used shipment mode because it is cheaper compared to airfreight. However, lead time in sea freight is longer. That is why this is only advisable for customers whose more concern is lower cost and not of delivery time. Through the help of the most competent shipping lines and carriers, CaPEx can assist you in moving your goods worldwide, may it be full container load, less than container load, project shipments and others.

Full Container Load or commonly known as FCL is the type of sea freight service wherein the whole container will be utilized by a single shipper or consignee only. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way of shipping bulk cargoes. Also, transit time is faster because there is no need for consolidation and deconsolidation. In this method of shipping, process is simplified and the risk of damages and lost is reduced. This is the reason why most clients with large volume of cargo prefer this type of sea freight service. For your FCL requirement, CaPEx can provide you any of the three sizes, from 10-footer, 20-footer to 40-footer and even the high cube containers, at a competitive rate. You can have the option to ship it either from Port-to-Port, Port-to-Door, Door-to-Port and even Door-to-Door.

Less than container loading or also known as LCL is a type of service for smaller and even bulk cargoes that cannot fill the whole container van. This is the type of service where cargoes from multiple clients are being consolidated in a standard container van. With the significant volumes that we have as well as our established partnership with various competent shipping lines, CaPEx can assure frequent departures at economical price. And not just that, despite the consolidation and sharing of space in the container, we have the proper handling and monitoring of cargoes to ensure safety of your shipments. For your LCL shipment, you can count on us!

Rolling Cargo is the term use for shipping or transport of wheeled-cargoes or any type of vehicle such as cars, trucks, trailer trucks and the likes. Requirements in shipping such cargoes is the photocopy of OR/CR (Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration).
For your rolling cargo load requirements, you have CaPEx that you can count on! Contact us now and a competent CaPEx Account Executive will assist you.

Break bulk shipping is the term for individual loading of cargoes onto a vessel rather than to a shipping container. Cargoes being loaded in break bulk is commonly those cargoes with irregular and/or large sizes as well as those items with heavy weight. Cargoes being loaded using this mode of shipment must be properly packed and weather-proof or can sustain water and heat for this will not be loaded in a container van. Meaning, this will be expose in sunlight or rain. We can handle your break bulk shipment such as those large volume of construction materials, heavy equipment, machineries and others. Our competent team will be glad to serve you.

Project shipment is the mode of shipping huge, heavy and high value equipment that is intended for certain project. This is usually a shipping of a single consignment or several shipments over a period of time. This is almost the same as the break bulk shipment.
In shipping project cargoes, CaPEx is here to help you. We can help you transfer all the needed machines, equipment and materials to make your venture a success. At CaPEx, we do more than just a mere logistics, we drive business!

Land Freight

Aside from the established partnership that we have with various shipping lines and carriers, CaPEx also has its own resources to ship cargoes at affordable prices. We have fourteen (14) units of 10-wheeler wing vans that we can use either for LCL shipments or a full truck load.

Each unit of wing van can transport a total volume of forty-seven (47) cubic meters (cbm) and a total weight of 13,000 kilograms or 13 tons.

With the use of these trucks, we can assure you regular departures and on time delivery of your cargoes from Metro Manila to Visayas and Mindanao and vice versa.

Customs Brokerage

Customs brokers are licensed clearance specialist who manage and oversee the process of goods importation on behalf of the clients.

For customs clearing and releasing requirements, CaPEx offers fast and reliable customs brokerage services. We have expert people and resources to help you in the transit of your cargoes, assist you in processing it and have it cleared immediately.

Have it CaPEx like no other. Count on us!

Importation is the process of bringing goods or services into a country from abroad for sale. While exportation is the act of sending commodities out of a country.

CaPEx has established its name in the Domestic Freight Forwarding industry since 2011. With its goal to continuously serve its clients with all its requirements and because of significant demand, the management then decided to expand and serve our customers worldwide. CaPEx is now serving all areas in the world may it be from and to Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

For your international shipments, our people with expertise in this field is here to assist you. Contact us now!

Warehousing & Storage

Warehousing and storage is an essential part of logistics business wherein cargoes and goods are received, stored and prepared for reshipment. You cannot be called a total logistics solution without this service.

For this type of requirement, CaPEx can offer you warehouse spaces that are priced accordingly. We will also take care of all corresponding requirements for CaPEx is a one-stop shop partner that you can rely on.

So, what are you waiting for, call us now! Our competent people are ready to serve you.

Do not have boxes for your goods? Maybe, you do not have the idea of what is the proper packaging materials for your commodities? Or…no time to pack your items that are intended for shipping? Whatever may be the reason, CaPEx is here to help you pick-up and pack your goods to be shipped. WE OFFER PICK AND PACK service specially for you our dear clients.

Pick and Pack is a process of gathering ordered items, placing it in a master box and sending it to the specific recipient.

So you do not have to worry if your have this kind of requirements. You can always count on us. Be a CaPEx Buddy and get connected!

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