E-commerce in the Philippines is now increasing in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a surge of online transactions that took place in the position of the usual face-to-face shopping.

As a businessman in today’s world, owner’s need to be mindful of how to keep business booming; so with the increasing consumer’s preference to shop online, company owners, whether small or big, should adapt and shift services to digital marketing platforms.

Alongside producing and supplying the demand the customers wish to consume, businesses need a reliable logistic partner – a company who will not only bridge customers & businesses together but also a company that will help you establish your stand and place in the e-commerce industry.

CaPEx: Your One-Stop-Shop Logistics Partner

Out of the many outstanding logistic companies in the Philippines, Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp. (CaPEx) is one of the companies with a complete line of logistic services.

CaPEx offers various freight forwarding services to and from all over the Philippines that are tailor-fitted to the customer’s needs. Air freight services are offered for urgent packages and cargos. For customer’s leaning on lower cost with non-urgent packages and cargos, CaPEx offers sea and land freight services. Other services offered are as follows:

  • Warehousing services

  • Project shipments and breakbulk shipping

  • Pick-and-pack services

  • Crating services

  • Trucking services

Quality of Services

Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp. (CaPEx) ensures the highest level of commitment and quality of service to customers. CaPEx’s quality of service is defined by three categories; Convenience in service access, time-sensitive delivery of services, and handled with care packages.

Convenient to Access Services

Convenience is one of CaPEx’s utmost priority. Through the company’s website, customer’s can find a complete list of services such as booking of logistical service and tracking of cargo and packages. CaPEx also prides itself when it comes to picking up packages and cargos from the customer’s doorstep and have it delivered to where the packages need to be.

Time-sensitive Delivery of Services

CaPEx is partnered with top flight carriers and shipping lines that assure regular departures for on-time delivery of cargoes from Metro Manila to Visayas and Mindanao and vice versa. Through the cargo-tracking feature from CaPEx’s website, customer’s will be able to monitor the cargos in real-time.

Handled with Care Packages

Customer’s goods will not only be handled by a competent and well-rounded set of employees but also drivers with extensive experience in the freight-forwarding industry.

CaPEx Will Be Your “RIGHT HAND”

CaPEx dedicates it’s time in bridging business owners to customers. Offering both a variety of services and quality assurance to the fulfillment of logistic needs – CaPEx will help drive businesses into success & fulfill customer’s needs and demands.