Air Freight Services by CaPEx

With time-sensitive goods, transport via air freight is the right mode!

In the current fast-paced world that we live in, market demands should be responded to in a quick manner with an efficient supply chain. This allows pharmaceuticals to distribute temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines.

It is what electronics, automotive, supermarkets, and apparel companies utilize to get high-demand gadgets, machine parts, perishable goods, and clothing on their shelves for consumers to use and enjoy. Others even use it to ship goods to their families, friends, and colleagues – whether locally or internationally. What better way to transport your goods at top speed than by using airfreight? We, at Cargo Padala Express Forwarding Services Corp. (CaPEx) offers air transportation for faster delivery duration.

Air Freight Booking and Requirements

CaPEx’s airfreight service is tailor-fitted for clients with time-sensitive needs. Customers may call our hotline (02) 8396-8888, book through our website,, or email us with the details of the requirements at They may also go to our designated offices located in key cities of the NCR, Visayas, and Mindanao to bring their cargo.

If visiting CaPEx’s physical offices is not possible, our fleet of drivers can personally pick up cargos from the customer’s current destination. Help us effectively facilitate the booking, pick-up, and delivery of your cargo by providing the following basic information:

  • Origin and destination of the cargo

  • Cargo details namely; quantity, dimensions, and weight

  • Sender and recipient’s name, address, and contact number

  • Chosen payment and shipment mode

Done Booking and Providing the Requirements, What’s Next?

CaPEx will consolidate all airfreight transactions received for the current day and bring them to the airport for loading. Once arrival is confirmed from the destination, our skilled and trained personnel will retrieve it and bring it to our warehouse for checking. Once checked, the cargo will be prepared for dispatch and delivery.

Why Choose CaPEx for your Air Freight Requirements?

Despite the small price difference compared to sea & land freight, our airfreight services are capable of transporting goods with urgency at long distances over a short period of time without risking the quality of service. We have the competency required from Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) as well as the Philippine Shipper’s Bureau (PSB) to operate as a Domestic and International Freight Forwarder in all modes of cargo movement: air, land, and sea.

Partnered with top air carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia, CaPEx ensures that we give our clients secured spaces, frequent departures, and competitive rates to ensure the best quality of service.

For your urgent shipping needs, never think twice, choose CaPEx. We drive your business!