The strange thing about HOPE: CaPEx visits Bethlehem House of Bread

If you think that your life is in a downward spiral, with each day getting bluer than blue, it is no different but gets a lot bluer when you are a kid from a local orphanage trying to find hope in these trying times. Before the pandemic struck hard on all of us, children from various orphanages received frequent visits in which they could spend time and play at the same time, but that magic started to fade away in early 2020…

Seventy-three children of Bethlehem House of Bread Mission House woke up happy and excited as visitors would come by on June 10th, 2022.

Cargo Padala Express Freight Forwarding Services Corporation, better known as “CaPEx,” paid a visit to Bethlehem House of Bread Mission House located on Bagumbayan Street, Little Baguio, behind the busy public market of Baliuag, Bulacan. The orphanage is a non-profit, non-government organization that shelters disadvantaged, malnourished, and abandoned children around Baliuag and other neighboring communities in Bulacan.

The mission started in 1985 when a profoundly religious woman from Baliuag named “Ka Nene” Cruz donated a 3,000 sq. m. lot to Rev. Fr. Boyet Concepcion. Although the lot could be sold to business people looking for areas to establish buildings and other business facilities, Ka Nene still chose to give away the land to needy children.

In the early years of the mission, Fr. Boyet, together with the youth of Galilee Home, have frequently conducted outreach programs in Baliuag and other nearby areas where they would share vitamins, medicines, food, and clothing they received from friends and supporters of the mission. That was when Fr. Boyet found a significant number of children who were malnourished and sick. Luckily, the mission could reach a bigger milestone through the help of the donated site where Fr. Boyet could shelter the children in need. Thus, On April 26th, 1997, the Bethlehem House of Bread began construction.

Although the location is a bit hard to penetrate, having an entrance in the middle of a crowded market, eateries, and repair shops does not stop us from reaching this orphanage. CaPEx donated food, toiletries, and other necessities that the mission had requested beforehand; as a gift to the children, CaPEx brought several teddy bears and food given during the programme proper.

Being in a company with the children looking for hope from us, actually, the opposite thing happened; these children gave us a hope which will live in our hearts forever, the long hour drive and heat from a typical Friday afternoon fade away when we think of how they present their smiles to us, calling us “Ate” and “Kuya” instead of a typical “Ma’am” and “Sir.” How they greet us, how excited all of them get when they perform, and how they bring chills to the event area when they scream “Ipag-pre-pray po namin kayo!” when the event ends. All of those have to be the best parts of this unforgettable experience.

We thought that we were the ones who would give you hope, but we were wrong. You are the one who gave us hope.

We wish the mission nothing but success, and we will continue to support and pray for the children, volunteers, and supporters of this great cause.