Customs Brokerage with CaPEx

Today’s global market has been a series of imports and exports of products and goods. The movement of goods may be easily done locally, but doing it internationally is a whole new story. One needs to be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry itself and all sorts of clearances, regulations, and laws that vary per country.

As someone whose hands are already full from managing their business, you need someone who manages and oversees the process of your goods’ importation and exportation so you won’t have to deal with these complexities; you are in need of a Licensed Customs Broker. A Licensed Customs Broker’s job is not just simply to help with the clearance of your shipments at the border. They will be doing all the nitty-gritty needed to clear your shipments at the border such as:

  • Facilitate the customs clearance process of the departure and arrival of your shipments

  • Verify your declarations to avoid sanctions for your business

  • Organize paperwork and communication for your convenience

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Fortunately, we at CaPEx, offer fast and reliable customs brokerage services. We have expert people and resources to assist you in the transit of your cargos, processing it, and have it cleared immediately.

Let CaPEx assist your imports and exports

CaPEx has established its name in the Domestic Freight Forwarding industry since 2011. With its goal to continuously serve its clients with all its logistics requirements and significant demand from the industry, the management then decided to expand and serve our customers worldwide. CaPEx is now serving all areas in the world namely from Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia.

International trade does not require a business to hire their own customs broker but as a business owner who wants to keep their business booming in the global market, you will be needing a customs broker’s knowledge and wisdom of the various rules, regulations, and protocols needed to clear your shipments at the border.

For your international shipments, our people with expertise in this field are here to assist you! Contact us on our hotline at (02) 8396-8888, book through our website,, or email us with the details of the requirements at and a sales representative will attend to your needs.