Warehousing & Storage with CaPEx

Business owners need a place to store goods and products. It is impractical to store and manage all your products and goods on-site. You may buy or build yourself a warehouse but the cost of building it, alongside the insurance and warehouse employees, can make you think twice if it is worth the expense.

Good thing we at CaPEx, as a one-stop-shop logistics company can help you by availing of our Warehousing and Storage services. Not only will we take care of your storage and inventory handling needs, but we will also handle the receiving, shipping, distribution, and climate control needs of your goods to improve your product’s longevity and limit its degradation.

CaPEx has four major warehouses in the following places:

  • Ninoy Aquino, Paranaque City

  • Irasan, Paranaque City

  • Mandaue City, Cebu

  • Brgy. Cabantian, Davao City

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Other than that, we also have 16 other warehouses nationwide. We follow a contractual basis for the usage of our warehouse storage. You also have the freedom to choose whether you want to utilize an entire warehouse or just rent out a space needed to cover your goods.

Pick and Pack

Oftentimes, we have a few resources to properly package our goods and products and we sometimes even lack the time to pack the items intended for shipping. Not to worry, CaPEx offers a Pick and Pack service to help you pick-up and pack your goods to be shipped. Pick and Pack is a process of gathering ordered items, placing them in a master box, and sending it to the specific recipient.

Why Choose CaPEx for your warehousing and storage Requirements?

Not only do we have the necessary facilities such as pallets, racks, bins, jack lift, and forklift to fully commit to an excellent delivery of storage and inventory services, but we are also made up of a competent and well-experienced set of people who already have extensive experience in freight forwarding and inventory that can ensure the delivery of our services in its best quality.

Coined as one of the one-stop-shop logistics companies that have been connecting businesses locally and internationally, allow us to help you establish yourself in the marketplace. From pick-up to storage and delivery, you can guarantee that we are a logistics company you can rely on.

Call us now and experience top-class logistics services!